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Gab Oliver - Drowning EP now released on Beatport

There are few producers in the Progressive House world who command more respect than Gab Oliver. The pioneer of the deep and hypotonic sound makes his long-awaited return to Zero Tolerance with the Drowning EP.

The original mix is dark, moody and encapsulates the non-obvious mood Zero Tolerance is renowned for.

It also comes with three remixes, the first from Danny Bonnici who is no stranger to the label. He delivers a forward-thinking and remarkable breaks mix that pays homage to his trademark energy and spirit.

The second remix comes from Mckeown & Bassiray. Executed with precision, their remix represents the true spiritual ZT deep progressive breakbeat sound.

The third and final remix in the package is a collaboration between Stuart Mckeown, Darius Bassiray, and Gab Oliver under their guise "Depth Institute" which is an interpretation focusing on subtlety and deep textures that are reminiscent of Zero Tolerance's roots whilst firmly placing the sound into the future. This is Zero Tolerance 2021