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Hot TuneiK feat. Oussy - Poema (Original Mix / Depth Institute Remix)

Please welcome one of Mexico's finest artists Hot TuneiK to the Zero Tolerance family. Demand for his music is at an all-time high at the moment with a release schedule that is capturing the world's attention.

"Poema" is his debut on the label which also features the tripped-out spoken words of vocalist Oussy. This emotive and percussive record oozes class with moody undertones, driving tension and release. Hot TuneiK's skills of navigating a subtle and twisted narrative are in full flight with this brilliant hypnotic record, highlighting Zero Tolerance's perfectly contoured foundation of releasing upfront progressive sounds.

The remix on this release comes courtesy of Depth Institute. This newly formed production outfit from Gab Oliver, Darius Bassiray, and Stuart McKeown focuses solely on the pure 'Zero Tolerance Sound'. Through meticulous care and attention to detail, Depth Institute harnesses old skool influences creating a unique deep, dark and tribal progressive workout that accentuates nuances whilst remaining driving and devastatingly dirty.