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Jamie Stevens - The Black Ruby EP

We are proud to announce the release of Jamie Stevens' "Black Ruby" EP. This is Jamie's debut on Zero Tolerance with two tracks that are devastatingly deep and hypnotic that channels his amazing past endeavors within the dark progressive landscape.

"Path Of None" is pure Zero Tolerance in every sense of the word. It showcases Jamie's ability to create a moody soundscape that is mediated by underlying tension. Bathed in darkness, this haunting and sophisticated record is late-night progressive storytelling at its finest.

"The Black Ruby of Voldesad" is a tribal affair that has subtle drum work as its foundation. Jamie's skill of layering nuances within his productions is in full flight with this record, with expansive and percussive undertones that represent the dark druggy ZT sound brilliantly.

Please welcome Jamie Stevens to the Zero Tolerance family.