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Mckeown & Bassiray 333 Sessions

It is an honour for us to be included on the 333 Sessions Podcast. We spent many months working on this extended mix, and the entire process was extremely rewarding. After shortlisting a large set of records, we set out to cohesively piece together just over 3.5 hours of deep hypnotic sounds that we love so much. The mix starts off with deep slow house, and then extends to Progressive House and Progressive Breaks. It contains a lot of records we specifically wrote for the mix, both individually, as “Mckeown & Bassiray” and “Depth Institute” production outfits, as well as unreleased and forthcoming releases on our much beloved Zero Tolerance label.

Many thanks to our friends who provided us with records, and those from around the world who share our mutual love and understanding of progressive sounds that sit within a dark and moody aesthetic

We hope you enjoy the ride

Darius & Stuart