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Mckeown & Bassiray - Cave now released on Beatport

Mckeown & Bassiray - Cave now released on Beatport

We are proud to announce Mckeown & Bassiray's debut original release for Zero Tolerance - "Cave".  Beatport pre orders are now available. Link in comments.Following on from their recent remixes of "Subritual" by Deep Funk Project and "Drowning" by Gab Oliver, the duo has contributed two deep progressive versions of "Cave" for the label which reinforces Zero Tolerance's intention of contributing a less linear offering to the progressive house landscape in favor of a more deeper, darker, and moody aesthetic.

The "Main Mix" is dark and sinister with Eastern hypnotic vocals, cinematic drums, and breakbeat intertwined with 4/4 in true ZT style.

The "Dub Mix" is moody, tribal, and driven by underlying tension which peaks with a deep haunted progressive crescendo.

The release also comes with a remix from the young Argentinian producer Diego Moreira. He first came to our attention after we heard his fantastic remix of Underworld's "Threat Of Rain". His interpretation of "Cave" displays his profound understanding of the ZT sound redefined with his own individual flair.