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Hi-Fi Bugs

Andy Page is the consummate quiet achiever of Australia’s dance music scene. A much sought after producer and co-writer since the mid 90’s, artists that have utilised his expertise include Sasha on the classic ‘Xpander EP’ and more recently on his album ‘Airdrawndagger’. Despite the flurry of mainstream artists, such as Madonna, eager to tap in to Page’s musical talent, his focus remains on his own productions and collaborations to which is attitude is uncompromising.

Since the mid 90’s when young producer Page, a recent Victorian College of the Arts graduate, and Phil K, still establishing himself on the DJing circuit, collaborated to form first the Free Radicals with Ivan Gough, then just as a duo, Hi-FI Bug soon after. Best known for their seminal track, Lydian and the Dinosaur in 1998, they set forward a blueprint for the Melbourne breaks scene that is currently at its peak and making waves on an international scale.

Phil K co-founded Zero Tolerance with Gab Oliver and Stuart Hanna. Phil K started working with fellow Australian Luke Chable and the two released "The Roots" on Boxed in 2002.  After sending Sasha a demo of their next track, "Burma", he included it on the album Involver and the track was subsequently also released by Global Underground.  He also signed onto EQ/Stomp to mix the fourth entry in the Balance series. Balance 004 is a two disc release consisting of a "Breaks Mix" and a "House Mix" and won Phil K the 2003 DMA award for "Best Mix CD".

In 2005, Distinctive Breaks released Phil K's entry in the Y4k series and features a combination of melodic breaks, techno and glitchy sounds. The mix album featured "Cloudbrake", a "tech-edged" bass driven breakbeat track written by Phil K and Habersham.   In 2006, Phil K and Chable as Lostep released Because We Can.[11] The album combines emotive breakbeats and dirty electro rhythms with strange synths and samples.

Together as Hi Fi Bugs they released iconic tracks Lydian & The Dinosour, Dont Die Dont Kill Anyone, The Knife Drawer, Din Da Da plus remixed Amiel - The Chase and many more.