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Phil K

Phil K

Gone but never forgotten, Rest In Peace Phil K.  

Phil K was one of the founding members of the Zero Tolerance label with Gab Oliver and Stuart Hanna.  He contributed many releases to the label with perhaps the labels most iconic release was his collaboration with Andy PAge as Hi Fi Bugs with Lydian and the Dinosaur which arguably kick started the Progressive Breaks movements and was lightyears ahead of his time.

Phillip Krokidis known professionally as Phil K, was an Australian electronic music DJ and record producer from Melbourne. He was a member of the "Aussie breaks" music scene which also includes other Melbourne DJs such as Nubreed and Andy Page. In addition to DJing, Phil K also produced alongside Habersham and Dave Preston in The Operators and was also a member of Hi-Fi Bugs and Lostep. He was known primarily for his DJing of breakbeat music, but often weaved in other genres such as ambient, deep house, and techno and did not pigeonhole himself with a particular genre.

In 2000, Phil K created his first commercial mix album for Global Recordings. The album won him the "Best Dance Compilation" award at the Dance Music Awards in 2001. His Kiss 100 "Friday Tapes" garnered him the award for "Best Radio Show". Phil K started working with fellow Australian Luke Chable and the two released "The Roots" on Boxed in 2002. After sending Sasha a demo of their next track, "Burma", he included it on the album Involver and the track was subsequently also released by GU Music. He also signed onto EQ/Stomp to mix the fourth entry in the Balance series. Balance 004 is a two disc release consisting of a "Breaks Mix" and a "House Mix" and won Phil K the 2003 DMA award for "Best Mix CD".

In 2005, Distinct'ive Breaks Records released Phil K's entry in the Y4k series and features a combination of melodic breaks, bassy techno and glitchy electro. The mix album featured "Cloudbrake", a "tech-edged" bass driven breakbeat track written by Phil K and Habersham. In 2006, Phil K and Chable as Lostep released Because We Can. The album combines emotive breakbeats and dirty electro rhythms with strange synths and samples.

With Pioneer, Phil K developed a prototype for the DVJ-X1, the first visual and audio live mixer. Unlike some other DJs, Phil K did not hold vinyl "sacred" and enjoyed using newer digital technologies due to their flexibility.